A Cochem family winery with tradition...

…is behind the Ebernach winery. The brothers Dr. Peter-Josef Zenzen and Heinz-Rudolf Zenzen have made it their goal to successfully continue the long tradition of the Ebernach Monastery winery. The viticulture on our premises looks back on 350 years of history: in 1673 the monastery took over the plant and the vineyard. Such a tradition needs experience – and the Zenzen brothers have it. Already in the 13th generation, the family from Valwig is dedicated to viticulture, Heinz-Rudolf and Dr. Peter-Josef Zenzen learned the winemaking trade in their childhood. Today, Dr. Peter-Josef Zenzen is managing director of the Einig Zenzen winery in Kaisersesch. The family business distributes high-quality wines from all over the world – to all over the world. At the Ebernach Winery, we use all this experience to translate tradition and love for our homeland on the Mosel into flavor.

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Our wines reflect the charm and appeal of the Moselle in the glass

But to continue tradition, you also have to look ahead. In order to attract not only friends of Mosel Riesling, we have come up with quite a few things for the Ebernach winery. At the Ebernach Winery, we offer carefully selected, high-quality wines from other regions – to taste and enjoy, whether at your home or at ours.

We want the winery to be a place to stay as well – our repertoire of events is constantly growing! Contact us if you would like to participate in a wine tasting. Wine walks on the steep slope above the monastery, cultural events in the courtyard of the winery and much more are already being planned. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you don’t want to miss anything!

Our cellar master

When it comes to viticulture, we rely on quality through experience – and Christian Kruft has plenty of that! As cellar master, the young winemaker ensures the quality of the Ebernach monastery wine. Christian Kruft is originally from Rheinbrohl and that is also where his enthusiasm for good wine comes from. He went to the Ahr for his apprenticeship as a vintner, and then spent half a year at the Eberbach monastery winery – not to be confused with our Ebernach monastery! Christian Kruft trained as a viticulture technician, and in the meantime also gained experience in a biodynamic winery in Rheinhessen. Most recently, the young winemaker worked in Werder an der Havel before we were able to win him over for the Ebernach winery. Christian Kruft has been with us since the spring of 2019.

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“I’m fascinated by being able to start from the very beginning here in Cochem-Sehl – this allows us to work optimally and focus entirely on the quality of our monastery wine.”

Christian Kruft